Welcome to Tactical Avenues Firearms Training, where you will experience the most up-to-date comprehensive and effective firearms training available. With Tactical Avenues Firearms Training you will get the most bang-for-your-buck as our optimal training environment is geared for the student's maximum learning retention as we only advance at a pace suitable for actual learning to take place. You will receive instruction from current SWAT Officers/Team Leaders.

No Felony Convictions, No Misdemeanor Domestic Violence Convictions, Criminal Background Check Required

Firearms Training

Basic Handgun
This course is a beginner course in basic handgun safe handling, manipulation, and operation. Read More

Defensive Handgun
Practical application exercises on the range to develop tactical proficiency in real world scenarios. This course requires the Basic Handgun course as a prerequisite. Read More

Advanced Handgun
A challenging course designed for individuals that have completed the basic and defensive handgun courses. Read More

Basic Shotgun
An all around beginner overview to help you familiarize yourself with the shotgun. Basic shooting fundamentals, safety, and awareness to create a proficiency when shooting the shotgun. Read More

Defensive Shotgun
This course was created to further advance the skills necessary to handle a shotgun under defensive situations and numerous conditions while operating the shotgun. Read More

Basic Rifle
Created to familiarize you with basic knowledge and operation of the rifle. Along with firearms safety, this course is geared to increasing the confidence and shooting fundamentals. Read More

Basic Carbine
Basic handling, firearms safety and operational knowledge, the student will finish with the proper mindset and awareness of carbine handling and shooting. Read More

Defensive Carbine
Created with tactical and patrol officers in mind, this course will take the student beyond operational skill and put you in practice drills under conditions similar to real world situations. Read More

Note: All firearms training courses require a background check.


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