Multi-Assault Counter Terrorism Action Capability (MACTAC)

BASIC COURSE – OPERATOR LEVEL (8 hrs) This course covers the latest tactics taught to LAPD patrol officers for reacting to a potential terrorist attack involving multiple suspects. The principals taught involve fire and maneuver for exterior movement to close with and stop a suspect’s action or to safely approach the exterior of a building where the threat is inside. Once inside a structure, the Immediate Action tactics are combined fire and maneuver principles. This course has minimal classroom time to cover the basic principals, then maximizes field time to practice the skills.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Operate as part of a Buddy Team
  • Combine 2 buddy teams to form a Contact Team
  • Maneuver as a Contact Team to bound when contact is likely
  • React to contact, near or far ambush
  • Act as part of a squad as the Support, Assault, or Security Team
  • Communicate between teams
  • Door entries as a Contact Team, 2 and 3 man entries
  • Slow and methodical search
  • Movement to the sound of gun fire
  • Final assault to stop the deadly behavior


SQUAD LEADER COURSE – SUPERVISOR (8 hrs) This course will cover the basic principals of the operator course as we practice and discuss the mission of the Squad Leader in coordinating multiple Contact Teams to Assault an exterior threat or a structure. The communication between teams will be emphasized along with operational planning. The course will include table tops exercises, interior and exterior drills, and then a final training exercise with simulated suspects.


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