Self–Defense/Arrest and Control Techniques

This course is designed for law enforcement officers, military personnel, security guards, and responsible citizens.  Anyone with law enforcement or security experience is aware that suspects do not want to go to jail. Although most comply with verbal commands, a significant amount do not go with the program. We train for the one moment where you might be in the fight of your life.

The techniques in this class are based on fundamental principles of self-defense that are easily applied in a stressful situation.  Some agencies or schools teach techniques that require difficult moves and multiple steps that are impossible to remember in a stressful environment. At Tactical Avenues we emphasize simple but effective techniques to overcome resistance and control the suspect/attacker.

These courses are taught by a former police officer in Los Angeles assigned to Arrest and Control Division. The instructor is an experienced former Metropolitan Division field officer with real-world applications and insights that are invaluable to officers/agents seeking expertise in the self-defense platform.

Courses can be designed to cater to you or your agency's specific needs.

Classes and techniques can include any of the following subjects to customize their training.

Topics include:

  • Striking and Evading:  Learn how to punch, elbow, knee and kick effectively and safely. How to block and evade attacks from single and multiple attackers.
  • Joint Locks:  Easy and effective joint locks to control resistive or combative suspects. Finger, wrist, elbow, knee, ankle and other joint locks.
  • Grappling:  Most fights end up on the ground, techniques to subdue suspect with least amount of force, guard position, side control, top control and back control techniques.
  • Weapon Retention:  Suspects train in prison to take away your firearm. Learn easy, fast techniques and strategies to maintain control of your weapon.
  • Defense Against Knife Attacks:  Edged weapons are a major concern to all law enforcement and security entities, learn to thwart attacks using sound principles of edge weapon defense and counters.
  • Handcuffing:  Learn how to cuff suspects from standing, kneeling and prone positions.  Low risk and high risk handcuffing techniques for security personnel, law enforcement and recovery agents.

Course Fee: $75 per student per day group special, minimum 10 students. 1-5 day course.
Private instruction $200 a day.

All courses can be customized to meet any specialized needs of the student/Dept.


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